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New Beginners Classes start on:

Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 6.00 pm

Hillhead Library
Byres Road

First class free

If you would like to try Tai Chi, please come along.

If you require further information call
Jan Kauskas on 0141-357-5102 or 07979-276464

Hillhead Library,
Byres Road

Wednesday: 6.00 pm Beginners' Form

6.00 pm Beginners' Form

Scottish Dance Teacher's Alliance (upper studio),
101 Park Road, (near Kelvinbridge Underground), Glasgow

Monday: 6.30 pm Beginners' Form, 7.30 pm Beginners' Form 

211 New City Road

Tuesday: 6.00 pm Sword Form: 7.00 pm Push Hands
Wednesday: 7.30 pm Beginners' Form

Thursday: Push Hands/Fencing Practice 7.30 - 9.30 pm
Sunday: Monthly Push Hands/Fencing Practice

Contact Autumn River Tai Chi


Glasgow South Side

The Lesser Hall, Merrylea Church,
80 Merrylea Road, Glasgow

7.30 pm Beginners' Form

The Gateway, Cathcart Baptist Church,
100 Merrylee Road, Glasgow

6.00 pm Beginners' Form, 7.00 pm Beginners' Form

Jamie Simpson, Tel: 0771 252 3876

Stirling Area

Allan Park South Church,
Dumbarton Road, Stirling

Monday: 6.00 pm Beginners' Form 

St Mary's Church Hall,
Perth Road, Dunblane

6.00 pm Beginners' Form: 7.00 pm Sword Form: 8.00 pm Push Hands

Euan Stewart, Tel: 07952 155 477