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I began the study of Tai Chi in 1987. I was attracted to Tai Chi as I was interested in Taoist philosophy and martial arts, having studied Aikido, Shotokan Karate and Iaido for some years.

In 1992, after a couple of years as an Assistant Teacher, I became a Qualified Teacher with The Rising Dragon Tai Chi School.

In 1995, I left The Rising Dragon Tai Chi School in order to further my study, and became a student of Wolfe Lowenthal, who is a direct student of the late Professor Cheng Man-ching.

In 1997, I started teaching as part of the Wolfe Lowenthal School, The Long River Tai Chi Circle, which is based in the U. S. A.  Wolfe is well known for his books on the teachings of Cheng Man-ching.

In 2002, I travelled to Taiwan to visit Mr Liu Xiheng's School in Taipei.  Mr Liu was a long time student of Cheng Man-ching and is noted for his ability in Push Hands as well as his wisdom and integrity.

I also briefly studied Sword Form and Fencing with Ken Van Sickle in New York City.  Ken, also a student of Cheng Man-ching is known for his knowledge and skill in Tai Chi Sword as well as his photographs taken at the Shr Jung School in New York.

2006, and the creation of Autumn River Tai Chi sees a new chapter in my Tai Chi studies, integrating past teachings with fresh insights to better express the current direction of my Tai Chi journey.

I teach evening classes in Glasgow as well as weekend workshops both at home and abroad. New Students learn The Cheng Man-ching Form at beginners classes and later attend classes in Advanced Form, Push Hands, Da Liu, Sabre Form, Sword Form and Tai Chi Fencing

For more information phone Jan Kauskas 0141-357-5102