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Book by Jan Kauskas: Laoshi - Tai Chi, Teachers, and Pursuit of Principle

Autumn River Tai Chi

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"The softest in the world overcomes the hardest.
The insubstantial can penetrate where there is no opening."
Lao Tzu

Tai Chi Chuan is a practice to unify body, mind and spirit leading to health and well-being, peace of mind,
martial ability and spiritual growth.

Autumn River Tai Chi, based in Glasgow, Scotland, offers teaching in the principles of Tai Chi through practice of the Cheng Man-ching Form, Da Liu, Push Hands, Sabre Form, Sword Form and Fencing.

New Beginners Classes start on:

Monday 13th April 2015 7.30 pm
Lansdowne Church Hall (Now Websters Theatre)
Great Western Road, (near Kelvinbridge Underground)

Further information:
0141 357 5102, or 07979 276464